How to Have Your Own Bodybuilding Diet Plan

I am going to share this knowledge to all women out there to have their bodybuilding diet. Those diet plan allotted for men can also be adopted by women. Here are the instructions for you to follow:

– As a universal rule, you should fill-up your body every 2-3 hours. All those who work out eat frequently; the reason is for the development of their muscle with the food nutrients intake. Muscle tissue repair can’t be done just after you exercise, it won’t also happen in an overnight period for the muscle to form again, you need to eat always for it to happen. Good examples of person who need to be fed every 2-3 hours because of fast body development are the babies. For sure this is the result we want to our body.

– When you exercise, a carbohydrate is the best thing to put on your body. If you eat carb before and after meals, you’ll get the much needed energy. The high carb intake before exercise will give adequate power, and the food intake after the workout will replenish the nutrients loss. During the rest of the day, you can continue to eat foods with carbs but with strict limitations.

– For those who are working out, they are having difficulties attaining nutrients because they can just have it after 6-9 hours after they go to bed and sleep. The reason for this is because you’ve already get used to the 2-3 hours time frame. With this kind of situation, the answer to it is the mixtures of protein and fat. Fat is a slow digesting thing that works for vital body function like hormones. While protein is a kind of nutrient that can help developed muscle. For slow digestion within the night, use the combination food with protein and fat